My first Logo


Logo by and of Deepak More:

In the logo -

Whole logo is all about my professional and personal values.

My logo is eagle which mind’s revolution on itself... it is a journey... a thought process... heartfelt anger... an infectious attitude... a stubborn original faith… it's will …it's hope … it's invincibility.
Some form or name of which already thrives in the deepest darkest corners of every human spirit.

On the way of journey wings(hands with chipset board) which represent freedom(open mind), human relation ,
Connection to people capable of critical thinking, knowledge &skills which will help me fly high .
Color green consist of growth ,creativity .

Chrome(mirror) ball represent CG-vfx-films which is very sharp also symbolise of eye for observation and mind(heart and brain).
It is just one such limitless energy with no beginning and no end...

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